Ringtone Remixes - Marimba Remix Ringtones App Reviews

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I love this app so much I dont think u should change a thing about it! Ive had this app for a while and its never failed. Can u make one to needed me by Rihanna?

Keeps crashing

I cant even go into the app. It exits out before I even have a chance to browse the ringtones. Might want to fix that...

here from Jenna marbles

this app is mainly for fuckery use only, could be better.

Jenna Marbles brought me here

I heard these on her channel and they were awesome so I bought the Hotline Bling one. I plan on buying more when new songs come out.

Here Because of Jenna Marbles

10/10. Jenna Marbles was right. This app is amazing.

Jenna brought me here


It keeps crashing

Every time I go to open the app, it crashes. Ive tried deleting it , and downloading it again, it just wont work.


This app is HILARIOUS! I love it so much! It cracks me up every time I listen to a song! 5 stars!

its great but it is super laggy ))):

Jenna Marbles was right

I love this its so cool but can jersey club remixes be made? That would be amazing!!! Im sure soooo many other people would love it too!! I just dont like that you have to pay so much for just one ringtone. But I still love this app!!!


All it does it redirect you to an iTunes link to download it on itunes

Doesnt work

I opened it up and it automatically sent me back to my home screen help me plz


This app has change my life tremendously. I honestly dont know where I would be without it, I am thoroughly in love with this app


This app is crap it just takes you to the apple store so you can buy it. I can do that on my own. I dont recommend this app at all, youll just waste your time.


Its bool its bool

What if..

I got a new iPhone. Theres no way of restoring my purchase. I bought over 10 ringtones and now theyre stuck in my old iphone 5s. Now I got a 6s and I cant find a way to get them. If Im wrong correct me. But Ive searched everything and everywhere. So.. Its a great app. It has really cool ringtones. But i feel like i wasted all my money.

Love it

Very simple and great ringtones!! Hysterical!


It works but it cost money but Im in love with my ringtone and I was about to buy it twice because I didnt know how to put it as my ringtone but you have to go to your settings to work it out. I wish some was free besides all of them costing money but its good as far as I can tell

I seen Jenna marbles use this app

And its life I cant stop laughing


Overall, this app is very creative but when I opened it, the remixes were vary bad.

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